Tuesday, October 27, 2009

First Birthday evening

Kate is such a go-go-go girl. She was playing tonight and just toddling all over the place. The little girl can't sit still! She always has things to do (music to play, songs to dance too, furniture to re-arrange, toys to knock over) - she just has so much energy! It's good fun,unless you try to hold her still to get a hug longer than 5 seconds. As Miss Shirley says, "she's her own little person!"

Connor had a great time tonight showing us again how he can now walk. He starts from holding on to the couch and then walking over to Hugh or me. He is certainly his Daddy's boy - as the biggest smile you'll ever see on Connor's face is when Hugh is playing with him. Very sweet!

For dinner, we decided they should have their favorite foods (so certainly no lima beans). We gave them whole wheat banana pancakes and turkey sausage. I think that was a hit, since there wasn't much food left in the sides of the high chair or on the floor. Hard to call these babies spoiled, but tonight - they had exactly what they liked.

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