Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Night

I guess this isn't our "first" Halloween with the twins, but it's the first one that wasn't a total blur. Last year, we came home from the Hospital with our then 5 day old babies at 9pm on Halloween night.

This year, I thought it would be cute to dress Kate and Connor up. I got the most precious costumes for them.

Connor was dressed up a Pooh Bear (with Pooh being in a bee costume). Kate was dressed as Hunny Pot. Cute, right? Well cute only in concept.

The twins absolutely HATED being in their costumes. Kate immediatley WAILED when I put her in her little outfit. The only way I could distract her at all was by giving her my Blackberry to hold. Connor at least had the courtesy to wait 30 seconds before he went teary eyed.

It seemed like such a good idea! Maybe next year they'll be more interested (wouldn't be hard).

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