Sunday, September 27, 2009

The twins are 11 months old today

Where is time going? The twins are 11 months old today. Every week, we think "this is the best week," and then they do something new and amazing.

This past week, Kate was letting go of things and finding her balance standing alone. Then, all of a sudden, she started walking on her own. So fun to watch and see her at this milestone. Connor is now beginning to let go a little bit. He's a couple of inches taller, so there is more to balance! I'm sure he'll be ready to walk within a month or so.

They are eating most everything these days (except milk, egg whites and citrus). Only a month before we take away those limitations too. We're now down to 2 good napes a day. The twins wake up around 7:30am, and then have an 8 oz. bottle and breakfast (pancakes, waffles, turkey sausage, fruit or yogurt). At 10am, they take a nap until noon. Then, they have another bottle and then lunch (chicken, veges, noodles and fruit). After a mini-snack at 3pm (cheerios or rice crispies), they nap until 5:30pm. After another bottle and dinner (pretty much what ever we're eating unless it's salad), they play with us until bedtime at 8:30pm. Not a bad routine for twins or Mom and Dad.

Kate is usually in a pretty good mood, but will cry if she thinks she isn't getting enough attention. She'll actually cry even more when we change her diaper. She can wriggle so much, it's hard to actually get the diaper on her. Kate has also recently fount that she can shriek - for no reason what so ever. I think she just enjoys hearing her own noises.

Connor is the perpetual snuggle-bunny. He's an easy going little boy, especially if he gets lots of snuggles. What can be wrong with that? I still think he may be a lefty - but time will tell. He still looks so much like Hugh - it's fun to see him in Hugh's lap. His hair certainly has curls, but when he gets hot and sweaty, the curls come out all over.

Just a month from now, we'll be celebrating their first birthday. Hugh and I pinch ourselves every day just thinking how lucky and blessed we are.

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