Monday, September 14, 2009

Is that a KISS on your cheek Kate?

Kate - Is that a lipstick kiss on your sweet little face? Let's look closer. That's not mommy's lipstick. Wait - it's a bite mark from your brother Connor!
Well -in this case well deserved.

I may have mentioned that Kate is trying to rule the roost around here. She takes Connor's toys, his pacifier, his blanket - anything she can get her hands on (including him).

To date, Connor has been very passive and just cried. I guess today was the day. He had had enough. So, he did what any baby or toddler does... he bit her on the face! Thank goodness no skin was broken, but this is a tough way to try to teach them how to "play nice."

How could this sweet little angel be so tough on his little sis???

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