Saturday, September 26, 2009

Spending the day with the rellies

Aunt Shirley was sweet enough to help take Kate and Connor for the afternoon. It was great practice for us to figure out how to pack up both pack-n-plays, food, toys, lovies, etc. We also put the new car seats in to service, since KAte and Connor have now officially outgrown their first car seats.

Kate and Connor had a great visit. Uncle Michael taught Connor about watching football on Saturdays - and that we a big hit. Cousins Lauren and Kevin jumped in and played with them too. Beauregard was visiting with Buddy (Beagles) and the kids seemed to like being around the dogs too (after an initial whimper)

All told - a great day until the ride home. For some reason, Connor got car sick and yacked in his brand new car seat. A good way to break it in I guess.

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