Sunday, September 13, 2009

Breakfast and a Bounce

Hugh played tennis this morning, so it was my turn to get up early with the babies. We had egg yolks for the first time today --- along with turkey sausage and whole wheat toast and blueberries. Not a bad pub here!

Then, we had a great time playing in the bouncers. I remember when we first go the bouncers, it was hard to know why people called them "bouncers." Well, the twins never figured out how to bounce in them while they were lying down in them, but they sure love bouncing in them kneeling forward. Not sure it's too safe, so I surround the front with cushions in case (ok, WHEN) they topple over.

Kate is also walking around with her tongue hanging out these days, and both Kate and Connor are loving making raspberry sounds with their lips while they hold their hands in front of their lips. Very funny.

Finally, we had tubbies in the kitchen sink! I couldn't get any pictures (as my hands were full), but it sure is easier than leaning over the bath tub and washing the babies.

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