Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We're 7 months old today!

Kate and Connor are now 7 months old. Each time I look at them, It's hard to even remember when they could barely lift their heads up off the floor to look at you.

Hugh loaded some of the early video we have on to the computer, and I hope to be able to upload some of that to the web site soon. Of course, I'll have to do some HEAVY editing first so you aren't bored to tears of the minute after minute riveting video of the twins doing absolutely nothing but breathing.

Now of course, they are much more active. Kate leap-frogged Connor on this crawling thing. She watched him for 2 weeks, crawled backwards for 2 days, and the next day was crawling and scooting around the floor mats with ease. Way to go little Kate!

Connor, on the other hand, is doing better at sitting up for longer periods of time. We helped him sit up today, and he was able to stay sitting up for about 15 minutes without toppling over.

It really brings a whole new dimension to their activities when they can stay sitting up and get mobile. OK - it brings a whole new dimension to Hugh's and my life too!!!

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