Sunday, May 10, 2009

My first Mother's Day

Hugh took care of everything today! We had Hugh's family over for lunch and I didn't have to lift a finger. As the expression goes, "he didn't make it, he made it possible."

Kate and Connor seemed very interested in people food and generally were in great moods for the afternoon. I loved seeing Connor in his little summer suit, and Kate couldn't have been more precious in her little strawberry outfit. Dolls I tell you.

Hugh's Mom was able to make it over for the whole weekend. Aunt Anne and Patrick, Aunt Ruth and Uncle Gar, as well as Cousin David were able to join us. As a last minute surprise, Aunt Martha and Uncle Tom made it back in town in time to join us too.

Connor showed off his conversational skills (you say "hey" and he says "hhhheh"), and then he demonstrated how he can crawl backwards and get all the way up on his knees.

Later, Kate demonstrated her love for anything musical. She danced to "The Noble Duke of York," played "piano," played with her favorite musical fish, then squealed with delight as Aunt Anne made raspberries on her little tummy. I see an artist in our future.

Of course - I'm proud of Kate and Connor no matter how big or small their accomplishments. Now I understand why Hugh's Mom gazes at him so sometimes - with total love....I get it. I called my own Mom late today to make sure she really knows how much I love her. I really, really do Nanna!

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