Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tricia and the Twins

Tricia met us at the West Egg for brunch today. Why did we pick such a rainy, dreary day to go out? Oh well! Tricia was a true friend indeed. The parking lot was full - but she stepped out in to the first available space near the building and actually STOOD IN the space to hold it for us. That sure helped us stay dry as we unloaded the twins and the double stroller. Even as fast as we can move, that still takes a few minutes to do.

Once inside, we had a great visit. Tricia held Connor (little stinker wouldn't take his nap) while we waited for our brunch to come. Of course, the food came right when he decided he was hungry. So - I put Connor in his car seat, propped up his bottle against his bunched up blanket and then I showed Connor how to hold on to his bottle to feed himself. Much easier than me bouncing a baby on my knee while I eat Huevos Rancheros. Kate was a sweetie and slept peacefully while we ate. then, I taught her the same trick too.

YAY smart babies. Ok - I think they're smart - you may think they are just getting older and growing up.

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