Friday, May 29, 2009

Cheerios and Sippy Cups

We tried cheerios tonight for the first time. Connor - with 4 teeth - can't figure out quite yet how to chew them...but he does a nice job of sucking on them until they fall apart. On the other hand, Kate with only 2 teeth starting chewing on them right away. She even used a pincher grasp to pick up a few of them (OK - well more went on the floor than in the mouth - but that's ok).

We also tried the sippy cups again. Connor likes the idea of the control (holding the cup and putting it in and out when he wants to), but can't quite seem to grasp the different sipping motion needed vs. a bottle. Kate just wants me to hold the cup for her. Well - we'll try again in a few more weeks.

Recent new food for the twins include prunes, apricots, pears, zucchini and green beans. Later this month, we'll try some chicken and see how they do.

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