Monday, April 27, 2009

We're 6 months old... looking back

I called Hugh this morning at 11:35am to remind him that it was exactly 6 months ago that we were in the Northside OR delivering Kate and Connor. I can't believe it was so long ago. On the other hand - it was just yesterday.

I'm remembering the drive home from the hospital on Halloween night on I285 when Hugh and I were both so nervous. We were now parents! We were so thrilled the first week when Kate or Connor would open their eyes for more than 20 seconds to look around. Then, we were so happy when they could (almost) hold their head still without bobbing around. I seem to recall thinking it was a huge deal when they drank 3 FULL ounces of formula (and we finally stopped tracking formula in milliliters and went to ounces). Next, I remember them smiling at us at Christmas. How our hearts melted.

We eventually learned each baby's voice when they were crying, and started to learn their little personalities and what they each need. For example, Connor is perfectly happy being snuggled leaning against your chest, lying on his back in your arms. Even better, sitting in his Daddy's arms watching tennis on TV. Kate, on the other hand, has to sit up, look out and see the world. Leaning back is no good for her. Kate needs to take breaks while she drinks her bottle; Connor is upset if you take the bottle away for even one moment.

They amazed us when figured out how to roll over from back to front, and then front to back. We love it when we go in to the nursery in the morning and they both great us with HUGE smiles and stomping of their feet with glee to see us. They both now grab toys at will and choose what they want to play with. Kate loves anything musical, including her musical fish and little piano. Connor has 2 loose curls starting on the right side of his head (maybe they'll turn in to ringlets like his Dad when he was little).

This past weekend, the twins started scooting backwards a few feet at a time - so they are no longer where we put them down. They have even started pushing up on all fours - so crawling isn't too far off. Both babies have had their first head "boinks." Connor - when he rolled off the quilts on to the hardwood floor, and Kate when she was trying to sit up, but slumped over and did a face-plant on her cheek. Today - on their 6 month birthday - they both have a bottom tooth coming in.

So many memories. So little time has passed, yet so much has happened. I'm humbled with the love and blessings that we have been given by these precious souls being brought in to our lives. I have more faith because of the miracles that they are, and I need more faith because I want to protect them from all harm.

To all parents and loved ones - please join me in a prayer of thanks and praise.

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