Friday, April 10, 2009

Meeting up with Melissa

Melissa and I met again for lunch. We met in breast feeding class at the end of September, and then met for lunch back in January. We thought we'd try to get together every three months and compare how each of our sets of boy/girl twins are doing.

I was able to bring Kate and Connor, but it was too hectic that day for Melissa to bring Jack and Olivia. It worked out pretty well, since Kate was being a pickle and wouldn't stop squawking. Fortunately, you can't phase Melissa and she jumped in to action holding Connor while I tended to Kate.

We want to get back together in mid-July. We're hopeful we can have a picnic near Northside Hospital and then bring the twins to meet Madeline (our breast feeding coach). I bet she'd love to see all of the babies together!

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