Saturday, April 18, 2009

Kelly and Rick come to see us...

We knew someone fun was coming over since Mommy dressed us up today --- twice!

I dressed Kate and Connor this morning in cute little outfits. I'm soooo efficient. Dress them once - and we're ready for the day. What part of my brain didn't kick in to realize that they would spit up and drool all over their outfits during the day??? So, at 6pm, we were changing outfits again. While I think it's good fun to play with my "dress up dolls," Connor, and especially Kate hate having shirts put over their heads. I try to distract them by making them think it's a game of peek-a-boo, but they are too smart for that.

Anyway - Kelly is a natural with babies. At first, I though Kate might be starting with stranger anxiety again, but after 10 seconds of shrieking when she saw Kelly, she then settled down and was ready to charm her. Kelly was ready to take both babies on and juggle them (even with beverages too - but those pics are for me).

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