Monday, January 3, 2011

Kylie is 3 months old!

Kylie is 3 months old today. Amen! I'm hoping that people who say infants outgrow colic at three months are being literal. While I thought Kylie was over her colic in early December, it came back to greet us last week for a few days. Fortunately, it has been MIA again for the past few days - so we're thrilled with that. Such a sweet angelic face - hard to imagine she can cry so pitifully and loud.

I'm keeping up with my "tradition" of taking a picture in the same chair every month with Kylie on her "birthday". Hugh thinks she is growing in to her weight better - but she still looks like a pork chop to me.

So - for the basics. Kylie (or Little Missy or Snookums as she gets called) eats around 5 times a day, about 6 ounces of that terrible smelling formula I've shared with you. She eats at 6am, 10, 2, 6, and 10pm. It seems that she mostly only cries (this week at least) when she's hungry. Not only do her eyes track on my voice, she now moves her head to find who is talking to her. She is also beginning to try to grab objects. Sometimes it's the mobile above her in the swing, more often it's my hair (ouch!). What's most cute to me, though, are her big gurgles when you hold her up to your face to talk to her. She likes to keep up her end of the conversation for sure! Her eyes are still crystal blue - and I'm selfishly hopeful they will stay that way - since both Kate and Connor ended up with Hugh's green eyes.

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