Saturday, January 8, 2011

A BIG Outing

Today - we had a big family outing. First stop up - the Library for "Family Story Time." To get Hugh, the 3 kids and me out the door takes quite an effort - so I was amazed we actually pulled this one off! We got to the library and it turns out that it's only every OTHER Saturday that they read. On the off Saturday's, it's "Family Movie Time." The movie "A Stranger in the Woods" was nice - but too old for the twins - so we just played with the puzzles and left.

The kids have been needing haircuts for a while, so we went over to Pig Tails and Crew cuts that's near our new house and on the way home anyway. It's a great place. Too great. There was an HOUR wait.

So, we took off to the McDonald's across the road.

Before you say I'm a bad mom, they don't eat the burger in the Happy Meal - it's mostly apples and milk for them.

After eating, the kids played for their first time in a McDonald's play gym. WOW - did they love it! Kate was "chatting up" every toddler she say there, and Connor was following Kate all around.

Very cute to see them interacting with so many other kids (since they don't go to pre-school - they don't see too many other little ones).

It was time to go, but the kids didn't want to leave. I'm glad they were having a good time - but it was exhausting.

After me having to CLIMB in to the tubes to get Kate out, it was back to get haircuts.

Pig Tails and Crew cuts caters to the under 12 crowd, so the waiting room has a TV, trains and all kinds of toys.

The twins just loved playing with the train set... and they didn't even fight over the trains too much.

Everyone was happy until Kate had to get in the (cute) red fire engine chair. While she boo-hoo'd at first - after she got a few animal crackers - all was better. And of course, now I can see her beautiful eyes again.

Connor picked the yellow truck to sit in. For some reason, Connor is not bothered at all by having his hair cut - so he just watched the TV while the nice lady snipped away. My handsome young boy!

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