Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Weigh in time

Kate and Connor had their 2 year check-up with Doctor B this morning. I love Doctor B for many reasons - but one reason is that she loves children so much. She just coos and dotes on our little ones.

Connor weighed in at 28.6lbs (60%) and is 35.25 inches tall (75%). His head is 50 cm (85%). He's such a big boy he was able to stand up to be measured and weighed this time (a first).

Kate is now 27lbs, 12 oz (60%) and 33.5 inches tall (45%). Her head is 47.5 cm (50%). Being the wiggle monkey that she is, she wouldn't/couldn't stand still on the scale to be weighed or have her height checked, so she had to lay down on the weighing table. Maybe next time.

The only shot we had to have this time was for the flu, and then we had a toe pricked for a little blood for a hemoglobin test. The twins results came back perfect!

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