Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Kylie is 1 month old

Kylie is one month old already today. Time is flying (again, still). The past month has been a bit of a blur, with recovering from being pregnant and getting settled in to a routine with 3 kids at home. While we are thrilled - we are also tired.

Kylie is now 21.5 inches long (65%) and 11 pounds (92%). Her head is 38cm (75%). She's our chunky monkey for sure! She likes her bottle and takes 4 ounces or so about 6 or 7 times a day. She is still fitting in to size 1 diapers.

She has had some pretty tough colic for the past 2 weeks, so Doc B has suggested we try a lactose-free formula to help settle her down a little. Let's hope that helps - as Mom and Dad could sure use some more sleep (and less ear plugs).

People keep asking if Snookums (as we call her) is more like Kate or more like Connor. I think the best answer is that she is more like Kylie - she's just her own person. Her hair and head shape is more like Kate's, but her eyes and her mouth are more like Connor's. She likes to be held a lot, and really likes to be held on your chest or shoulder.

All I know is... we are BLESSED!

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