Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ring Around The Rosie

After a few days of rain, the kids were getting stir-crazy to play outside. Connor would stand by the kitchen window and plaintively say "outside? outside?" So, while it was cold today, it was sunny and dry - so the kids went outside to play.

Connor ran around and around - up and down the berm in the yard, picking up sticks and leaves. Kate had other plans - she wanted to be in the swing to play, but not to swing. Her new request is that you spin her around and around, and then release the swing seat so that it spins around in the opposite direction. A daredevil in the making.

What really got them giggling, though, was playing Ring Around the Rosie. They do it really well, and Connor likes the "all fall down" part so much that he does it way to early. I captured a video too....

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