Friday, October 29, 2010

Pumpkin Patch Picking

With the best of intentions, we were going to try to go up to Burt's Farm or the Berry Patch - both fabulous pumpkin patches with lot's of kid's activities. Did it happen this year? No. I decided to take it easy on me and just go up to the local church pumpkin patch and pick pumpkins there.

After our afternoon nap, we piled the kids in to our new family minivan (yes - a minivan!) and drove all of 10 minutes away. I guess I'm grateful we just went 10 minutes, since it was enough to trigger Connor's motion sickness in the car (at least it was on the way home AFTER the pictures).

We had fun with the kids trying to pick up some BIG pumpkins. They also got to pick out their very own gourds to take home too. All in all - a fun time (and a great photo opp).

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