Saturday, October 30, 2010

Neighborhood Halloween Party

It was quite the fun time this year to pick out costumes for Kate and Connor. I decided that Connor would be a Knight (that slays dragons) and Kate would be a Princess.

Turns out that Connor loved his Knight costume (even the hat). We also decided on a sound effect for the dragons that he would slay (Bahhhh!) On the other hand - Kate ALSO wanted to be the Knight and didn't have any interest in being the Princess (with or without a tiara). After several tries during the week to coax her in to trying on the Princess costume - I decided we'd just wait to a few minutes before the party to put on the dress. While she fought me at first, as soon as she saw herself in the mirror - she loved the dress too. Amen!

Once we got to the clubhouse, the twins had a blast. They said their first "trick or treat" and received a Reese's cup, Rice Crispies Treat and a juice box. It was great fun to watch the kids figure out how to use a straw (a first) and drink from the juice box (also a first). After we got good and sugared up - the kids had a lot of fun racing around and running back and forth to a bush. We played with neighborhood friends Jack, Hunter and Laci. Nice evening!

And little Kylie? She was her very own "pun'kin" who stayed at home with Nanna and Poppa.

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