Saturday, December 5, 2009

Visit with Santa - Part II

We had our neighborhood breakfast with Santa today. I've been coordinating it for the neighborhood, so Hugh was left to get the kids fed and dressed by himself this morning. He's such a trouper and loves the twins so much. Kate didn't want anything to do with her tights or barrettes, so I had some last minute fixes to do at the clubhouse to get them all dolled up.

I've been looking forward to this breakfast since last year, and sure enough - we had a blast.
Oh wait - I had a blast. Kate and Connor - not so much.

I think the picture speaks for itself.
I heard that kids will freak out with Santa. It was bound to happen and it did.

Fortunately - we figured out that getting the kids off Santa's lap and then feeding them cinnamon rolls is just the trick to get them in a better mood.

Then again - maybe I scared little Kate too with my antlers??

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