Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day

Shouldn't this be a terrific day? Well it was - but not one without some challenges in the middle.

First challenge - getting the twins dressed and in to what Mom considers suitably cute outfits. Connor was a breeze, but for what ever reason - I couldn't get Kate's little Santa dress on. I was bound and determined to get the darn dress on her. The harder I tried, the more I couldn't get her arm up through the shoulder and sleeve. Hugh helped me and FINALLY we got her dressed. That took so long, that it was actually nap time. So - no presents first thing.

After having lunch, Aunt Shirley, Uncle Michael, Cousins Kevin, Lauren and Uncle Chris came by to visit. They brought a huge wrapped gift box that was for the twins. Kate loved helping tear off the paper, although she wasn't interested (at first) as to what was inside. Connor just observed wide-eyed at all that was going on.

After more assembly than anyone would have ever guessed, Hugh, Chris and Michale assembled the rocking horse. I think we have quite a few years ahead of us for gift "not assembled." When it was ready, Kate wanted on the horse immediately, but Connor was a little overwhelmed by then.

While it was a long day, it was great to be at home with our family. Can't wait to see how next year is!

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