Saturday, December 12, 2009

Kate's first "official" haircut

I've trimmed Kate's hair before - but this time she needed a "real" cut. It's been hard to see her beautiful little eyes for the past few weeks due to her being a woolly-bah-lamb.

Several Mom's told me that they take their kids to "Pigtails and Crewcuts." so that's where we headed out to go(in the 39 degree rainy weather, no less). We were able to wait in a kids play room - so I had a chance to capture Kate's "BEFORE" picture. Note the barrette AND the bow to hold back her hair from her face.

We picked out a shiny red fire engine truck (with a loud bell on the front) for Kate to sit in. She hated that and immediately began to bawl. So much for the cute decor winning her over. So - I went to game plan B...graham crackers. The hairdresser spritzed her hair with water (more bawling) and began to cut (yet more bawling). Before we knew it - her cut was over and done with.

When we were finally done - I can't say Kate smiled, but she did stop crying. And doesn't she look cute?

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