Saturday, June 27, 2009

We're 8 months old

Kate and Connor are 8 months old today. Wow! I just got back the final prints from their 6 month photo session when I realized that they were 1/3 of their lives older than since when those photos were taken.

Looks at this photo from even just 3 months ago...

The twins are doing great and hitting all of their milestones. Connor has 6 teeth and Kate has 2. Both of them are crawling - Connor on his hands and knees, while Kate is a little bit more of a tummy crawler. Both are babbling up a storm, but Kate does a little bit more of the yacking. They love to feed themselves - so we eat lot's of finger food after they finish their bottles. Today, we added bits of chicken and spoonfuls of yogurt to their growing list of items (last week we tried fresh mango).

The twins are still taking 3 naps a day - and so that helps make the schedule a little less crazy. I guess we use all that "free time" to make bottles, do baby laundry, clean up baby-spit up and all kinds of other fun things. OK - I use that time to blog too!

We went "swimming" today in the backyard. Both enjoyed the relief from the heat, but Kate is more the fish right now than Connor. She loved paddling across the pool to the other side to find a new toy that she wanted to play with. She even pulled up to stand by herself on the edge of the pool - a first! Connor was content with Momma hugs instead. All is good.

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