Sunday, June 14, 2009

No No

This week is the first time I had to say "No" to both Kate and Connor. Kind of funny that it immediately struck me that it was their first time for me to tell them no. What happened to my perfect angels? Nothing - they're just mobile enough and strong enough now to need to be called off sometimes.

Kate had crawled across the living room and was shredding "Libby's" plant. The plant is dear to me since the vet gave it to us after Libby (the Lab) died 9 years ago. It's one of the few plants I haven't managed to somehow kill. Anyway - I realized that Kate was pulling at the leaves - so I shouted a quick "No, No" and she actually stopped. Nice.

Connor was just snuggling with me and actually just pulled on my earrings so hard that I was afraid they would tear out. So again - I quick "No, No" and a re-direction of his hands seemed to help.

If only all discipline and conversations in the future would be this straightforward.

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