Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

We are fortunate that we haven't trained the twins to scream when they wake up in the morning. Instead, they just play in their cribs and wait for us. Nice. This morning, Kate was wide awake sitting up in her crib when Hugh went in to get her. Kate turned to him and in her baby-babble said "hi da-da." I wasn't there to hear it, but all day long she was yakking up a storm - so I believe it. The only time she STOPPED talking was when I turned the video on to capture it.

Kate and Connor got Daddy a special card for Father's Day. OK - the fact that they "got" him a card is a miracle, but Mom pitched in and helped. We opened cards as we had a nice breakfast together (bacon, eggs, waffles for the big people; formula, then apricots and oatmeal for the little people).

After breakfast, Connor wanted to make sure he had a treat for Dad too. So - he decided to finally start crawling forward (and with a vengeance). Connor was all over the kitchen and really crawled a lot when we put a late morning snack a few feet in front of him. The chow-hound still exists. I know he's going to enjoy his new found mobility and it should help minimize his frustrations.

We had a nice day hanging around the house, and then the twins joined us for dinner at the dinner table. Remind me not to do that when they are tired and hungry - and just plain cranky.

I think Kate and Connor have the BEST DAD in the whole wide world (but as we say around here, "I'm biased."

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