Sunday, March 8, 2009

Our first 5k - Strides of March

Today was Kate and Connor's first 5k. They had race numbers and everything! OK - Mom, Dad and Grandma did all the work pushing - but Kate and Connor seemed to enjoy it too.

The walk was for the Atlanta Children's Shelter and the route started in midtown and went down to Georgia State, and then came back up Peachtree Street to the North Avenue Presbyterian Church. Turns out - I'm more out of shape than I thought. Oh well - it was lovely 74 degrees and sunny and the twins were a big hit.

Kate also had a chance to meet a "mummy" (from England)...Alison from NAPC and the ACS Board. Alison has Fiona - her almost 7 month old daughter. It looks like Alison knows a thing or two about beautiful little girls.

And Randall was able to snag Rapper T.I. long enough to get his picture taken with his little girl Callie. What kind of cool dad is he???

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