Monday, March 2, 2009

4 month check up!

We went to see Dr. B today for our 4 month check up. Tracy was able to come with me to meet Doc B and see what the office was all about. Then again - an extra set of hands is ALWAYS appreciated when you're carrying around twins.

Kate and Connor are doing great! Since their 2 month check up, they have grown in length so that their weight is now more proportionate to their length. Connor is now 25.5 inches (75%) and 16 lbs, 2z (90%). Kaitlyn is 25 inches long (75%) and 14 lbs, 9 oz (90%). Much better.

Of course, we had to have more shots - but "only" 4 this time. Kate was a trouper and only boo-hoo'd a little. Connor needed a little more momma love to get him comforted again. That's ok - that's why I'm here!

Later in the day, Hugh was in the kitchen with the babies on a quilt in the breakfast room. He went to make a cup of tea, and as he turned back around - Kate had rolled over from her back to her front all by herself! Connor rolled over from his back to his front sooner, but her sure makes a lot of racket to do so. Kate just gets up her gumption and rolls right over lickity split!

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