Saturday, March 7, 2009

Grandma and Noisey come to visit

We're so glad that Grandma has come to Atlanta for the weekend. She gets to see the twins and we get to see Noisey. Oh yeah - we get to see each other too :-)

I concluded that we didn't have nearly enough pictures of the twins, so we set up our trusty black blanket on the baby bouncer to take a few pics.

Before we could even get started - Noisey decided to climb on in for his photo. I don't think he understands that with his black and white tuxedo - that he doesn't show up very well.

Anyway - after getting Noisey out of the bouncer, we were able to get pics of Connor and Kate before they melted down for the evening (our typical 7:15pm routine these days). Aren't they precious when they smile? No wonder I just love capturing these photos.

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