Wednesday, July 16, 2008

We're 1 pound, 3 oz and WIGGLING

22 weeks and 4 days

We had another Doctor's appointment yesterday and both babies were really moving a lot. The intent of the visit was mostly just to catch a few anatomical angles that they couldn't catch last time (the babies don't seem to like to show their fingers or toes on camera very much!).

This visit both babies were kicking up a storm. The little girl even had her foot in the little boy's face - kind of cute. They are now about 1 lb, 3oz each - so growing nicely. The little boy is still breach - that hasn't changed in 10 weeks. I'm starting to think he won't flip - but I guess there is plenty of time (just less and less room).

My blood pressure remains good, and they seem pleased with my weight gain so far. Bottom line - all is good and the babies are healthy. Doc chuckled when I said my back was hurting when I walked. I think he was thinking "duh - you're pregnant with twins."

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