Sunday, April 3, 2011

Kylie is 6 months old

Kylie is 6 months old and she's doing great! She loves her big brother and she especially loves her big sister. If Kate walks in the room - Kylie's eyes are sure to follow. Maybe it's for love - or maybe it's for self-preservation. Kate has a way of wanting to give her BIG hugs (such that she might squeeze the breath out of Kylie). We supervise closely!

Kylie is taking four 7 oz bottles a day, and cereal at breakfast and dinner too. I love how she now can guide the bottle to her mouth when she is hungry, and bat it away when she's full. She's taking 3 naps throughout the day (late morning for an hour, the afternoon for 2 hours, and early evening for an hour).

She loves being at the table with everyone - I think she's going to be a very social young lady. Kylie is glad to hang out in her crib waiting for you to come get her - but she is even happier when someone (anyone!) is holding her.

Kylie isn't too mobile yet - but loves playing with her toys. She loves the same musical fish that Kate loved and she enjoys Sofie the Giraffe and any rattle that she can pick up.

I'm grateful to see Kylie well past her colic days and to watch her grow in to a happy little baby.

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