Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Morning and Another New Food

This morning - Kylie tried mashed bananas. I figured while the kids were eating Easter treats, Kylie should have something fun too. She LOVED it and actually coo'd over the banana. Fun!

Meanwhile, the kids had great fun with their baskets. We waited until after breakfast was finished, since we realized that they would probably only be eating "junk" the rest of the day (and we were right).

Yes - there was some candy. We HAD to have a chocolate Easter bunny so they could learn to bite the ears off first. But beyond that, we had animal crackers inside the eggs, and some jelly beans for sweets.

The Easter bunny also threw in some special socks (Dora for Kate, Spider Man for Connor), some sunglasses, some books and some stickers. Lot's of fun for the twins too.

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