Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Out from one house, in to another

We finally moved today! The home that I have loved so much for 5 years is behind us. I'm hoping we can stay in touch with so many of the dear friends and neighbors that we met there.

Connor, Kate and Kylie all went to Miss Tracy's today so that they wouldn't get under-foot of the movers. It was a very cold day, and the doors were open all day long - so not conducive to anyone being in the house at all. The twins say "cheers" as they get ready to leave.

After a long day (and only about half way done with the move), Hugh and I went to pick up the kids. It was an uneventful trip home until the last 500 yards when Connor got motion sick. He's such a sweet little lamb. As I cleaned him up, he said "I'm sorry Mommy." Bless his heart! Now if only I had a working washer and dryer to clean up his PJs and favorite blue blanket. No such luck!

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