Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Morning

What a fun morning. I just wish I could have gotten more pictures as the kids were opening their presents (but heck, I just wanted to enjoy the moment!)

Kate and Connor came down the stairs and ran over to the tree to see what Santa brought them. Santa and our family brought a truck for Connor, along with a train set, a work horse and lot's of Thomas the Tank train books. Kate received a doll, a castle (tent), and lot's of Curious George the Monkey books.

Rookie mistake from the parents : we didn't know to take the toys out of the boxes - so each gift took 10 minutes to cut out of the packaging.

One of my favorite moments today... I put M&Ms in the kids stockings, as it is an O'Farrell family tradition. The kids have never had M&Ms before, so I knew this would be a big treat. They got to open their stockings at breakfast, so I was prepared for them to get sugar-ed up - but only so much. So, I put out about 10 M&Ms each. After Connor finished his, he asked for more emm emms, and he got a few. Kate wanted more too, so she asked for "more stocking??"

Kylie was just a little doll and watched the Christmas tree lights sparkle and listened to the happy voices.

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