Monday, June 21, 2010

The REAL Zoo

Some days can feel like we live in the zoo, but today we went to the Atlanta Zoo for real. Seems like a great way to start the summer and a good reason to take a vacation day.

Kate started our a little hesitant around the animals, but she gradually warmed up to them. Connor seemed fascinated from the get go (this, the little boy who continuously growls like a lion and trumpets like an elephant).

The twins actually loved the petting zoo, surprising me a little. I thought for sure that would trigger a melt down, but we were blessed. We petted the goats and the sheep (but took a pass on the pigs who were really dirty). Thanks goodness there was a nearby place to wash your hands afterwards. Petting goats is smelly, dirty business!

We had to go see the Panda bears for sure (since once of our favorite books is "Panda Bear, Panda Bear). Kate and Connor were delighted and squealed with joy - especially when they realized that they were behind glass. SAFE! The littlest panda bear wasn't on display, as they can only display 2 bears at once - but we enjoyed sitting next to the photogenic male panda Yang Yang.

We thought the best way to wrap up the day was to ride the train around the zoo. It was a welcome relief for my feet and to feel the breeze (yes, at 7mph). Better yet, the kids seemed to really enjoy it.

Life is good. We were able to get home with no melt downs and two tired out little ones. Mission accomplished.

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