Monday, June 14, 2010

Pie-Pie for breakfast

This morning was a cute time at breakfast. Kate and Connor were having pancakes and cantaloupe. Kate loved it and got done early. From there, she insisted on being let out of her booster chair (only so she could climb up on the other breakfast chairs). Look at that little face!

Connor, as usual, was eating slowly. He loved the pancakes, but couldn't be encouraged to eat the melon - much to Hugh's cajoling. Then we realized what was going on. He saw that I was having some pineapple with my cereal. He so wanted to have some of the pineapple, he was trying to talk. He first just said "peez, peez, peez" (translation - please). Since that wasn't working - he expanded his vocabulary a little and said "pie pie." It was so cute - that I ended up giving him another serving of pineapple too.

They are both cuties for sure!

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