Wednesday, February 3, 2010

15 month check up

Kate and Connor went to see Dr. B for their 15 month old check up. There was quite a wait this morning. Connor was calm during the wait, but Kate really wanted to run around. Of course, we didn't want them touching ANYTHING, since they picked up such a nasty tummy bug at their last Doctor's office visit.

Dr. B did her usual loving on the babies. She scooped up Kate and coo'd her beautiful Kate was, and she said Connor was a "gentle soul." She's right on both accounts!

So for the height/weight measurments...
Connor is now 31 inches tall, at 55th percentile. He weighs 22lb, 8oz - which is 25th percentile. And his head is still a "double yellow" as we say. It's 48.5cm, which is 85th percentile.
Kate is now 30.25 inches tall, at the 50th percentile. She weighs 21 lb, 13 oz - which is at the 40th percentile. Her head is 45.5 cm - tracking perfectly at 50th percentile.
Now while all of that sounds very official, I can tell you something isn't quite right because Connor is most definitely more than 3/4 of an inch taller than Kate. I guess squirming babies are hard to measure on the table!

Then, Doc B. observed them walking up and down the hallway. Kate is progressing beautifully and she was very pleased with her progress. She has some dry skin that we'll get some new baby wash for her (Dove is supposed to be extra gentle). Connor, on the other hand, isn't quite as far along as she had hoped. A few things made sense as she described it. We've noticed calluses under Connor's big toes for a few months now, and we've been teasing him for having such a big "beer belly". Turns out those 2 things are related. His gait isn't quite right yet. He's curling up his toes when he walks, and jutting out his tummy to balance himself. Also, his arms are up by his chest when he walks to also help balance him (vs at his sides). Then, she noticed that he didn't grab for a sticker as well with his right hand as he did with his left hand. Diagnosis "fine and gross motor delay."

So - we can either do nothing and see what happens, or we can take him off to some therapy. Doc. B thinks a little therapy now may give him big improvements - so we're inclined to go ahead with it. Dr. B also said that therapy now might help him in sports in the future. When she mentioned baseball and TENNIS, Hugh was sold.

Before we left - time for 2 more shots. Kate seemed to sense what was going to happen as soon as we took off her clothes. No wonder - they've both now had 23 shots in 15 months. I think I'd be afraid of needles too.

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