Sunday, August 8, 2010

Don't say "we'll never"

We've really limited the twins opportunities to watch television. In general, it just seems like a better idea to play with them, read books to them and in general - connect with them. Well, always say words with sweetness as you never know when you may need to eat them.

I've been more tired than usual with the new baby just 60 days away. At night time, it's been really tough to get on the floor and keep up with the twins playing. So - my new M.O. is to put them in front of the TV, put on Nickelodeon Jr and have them watch Wonder Pets. While I may not like it much - it certainly gives me almost unlimited time to do most anything else (including just rest). Look at them - totally ENTRANCED.

So, I officially eat my words that I'll never let the TV be a sitter for the children.

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