Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Time for our 18 month check up (at 19 months)

I'm a little behind most everything these days, including Kate and Connor's 18 month check up. Regardless, it was a great appointment (except those wicked 2 shots at the end). Don't they look cute waiting to see the nurse? We figured as long as they have their lovie and pacie, we could get through most anything.

Doctor B said they are just "lovely" - of course! She was very impressed with their socialization skills and thought there development was perfectly on track. I think she was also very please to see her practice growing (with our #3 / little girl clearly showing)

Connor is now 33 inches tall (75%) 25lbs, 10 oz (50%) and his head is 49 cm (90%).
Kate is now 31.5 inches tall (50%), 24lbs, 9 oz (60%) and her head is 47 cm (75%).

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