Sunday, July 12, 2009

Family Dinner

It was nice to have Nanna and Poppa here this past week to help so much with the kids. Tonight, we were able to get Uncle Chris, Aunt Shirley, Uncle Michael, Cousin Kevin and Cousin Lauren to join us for dinner. Only wish the air conditioning wouldn't have gone on the blink earlier today!

Anyway, we had a good visit - but Kate and Connor were really fussy. I think they are starting to get "stranger" anxiety - and having so many faces over at once seemed to put them in a fussy mood. We saw lot's of tears - most of them for no apparent purpose.

A few tears made sense, since Kate is pulling up all by herself - and then falling over.

Connor is trying to "walk" when you hold his hands - but loses his balance pretty easily. All attempts look like good fun until a baby lands on their tushy and we get tears.

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