Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More photos of our Angels

Don't Kate and Connor look like Angels in their Christening gowns? We took some more pictures tonight since I wasn't convinced that we got enough pictures on Sunday. So - I washed the gowns, Nanna ironed them, and we took yet MORE photos.

Just so anyone reading knows how crazy I am - we took about 75 photos in 30 minutes. Mostly - I'm just trying to get little Kate to smile for the camera. Even with all of those shots - her beautiful smile is elusive (but Connor gave us a few nice grins).

Also - I wanted to be sure to get a few shots of me with the twins. It occured to me Sunday that the twins had already changed out of their gowns before I was certain we got the shots I wanted with them. Time will tell - but for now I took matters in to my own hands. Yes - a control freak always.

I had to be sure to get a great shot with Nanna and Poppa...the long weekend flew so quickly!

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