Monday, May 12, 2008

We're 3 inches long

13 weeks and 1 days

We had our high definition ultrasound today to check the twins for overall growth, progress and any major abnormalities. The technician was trying to wake the babies up to get a good view of them in profile (momma-to-be didn't like all the poking, but it was worth it).

Good news - the babies are looking perfect and Doctor Wootten has already concluded (via the NT scan) that the babies have little to no chance of Downs syndrome.

They are now 3 inches long each and their hearts are beating 151 and 164 beats per minute. I'm of course still high risk, so he told me to be prepared for extra monitoring over the course of the coming months. He also said that we'll probably schedule the babies to arrive in October (if they don't cooperate and come on their own by then).

We're very excited and just wanted to share the good news with you!

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